Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are there any fees associated with initial visits or bids on projects?
A: No, we never charge potential clients for meeting with them to discuss their projects or to prepare bids.

Q: Are you insured?
A: Yes, we are covered by Zurich Insurance. A copy of our policy is available upon request.

Q: Do you typically stay within your projected time frame?
A: Yes, we establish a time line for the project before any work begins and then set a schedule with our subcontractors to ensure we meet the deadline.

Q: Do you do the work yourselves or do you sub it out?
A: Both. We subcontract most phases of the project, but will often work on the projects ourselves, lending our expertise where necessary. We also handle the punchout list (the end of project details) in-house.

Q: Do you use a contract?
A: Yes, we use the AIA Document A105 from the American Institute of Architects.

Q: How do you control your quality?
A: We have several checks and balances in place. First, we have created what we call the “Dovetail Team” of subcontractors. We use the same group of framers, plumbers, electricians, etc. on each job. We have built strong, long-term relationships with each subcontracting company, dating back to before Dovetail Craftsmen was started. All of our subcontractors understand our high level of expectations and, in turn, we know that we will obtain the same high quality work from job to job. Second, the owners of Dovetail Craftsmen are on-site at each of our ongoing projects daily to ensure everything is on schedule and up to our level of quality.

Q: Will you take on a small project?
A: Yes, we will consider all projects. The main determining factors include our current workload and project location.

Q: Can we get references?
A: Absolutely – all you have to do is ask.